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ChongQing LiBen Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional production and sales of air blower, axial flow fan, centrifugal fan, water pump, fan of industrial enterprises. With advanced technology, quality products, improve business philosophy and honest attitude. Strives for perfection, develops the customer and the benefit first enterprise spirit. We passed the exploration and development of a few years, the development of the original plant has a small relatively strong economic strength and advanced production technology enterprises today, become one of the larger fan factory specializing in the production of Chongqing area.
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LiBen Machinery
LiBen Machinery
LiBen Machinery
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Address: No. P1-10 Dragon Town Hardware City Dazu Chongqing China.
Service Hotline: 400-860-7300
Phone: 023-43630188
Fax: 023-68168699
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